Only Ryobi Group arranges transport all over Japan in its own vehicles.

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Only Ryobi Group arranges transport all over Japan in its own vehicles.
About Ryobi Tours
As the tourism division of the Ryobi Group, west Japan’s largest network of transport services, Ryobi Tours operates both outbound and inbound tourism in Japan. In particular, its inbound tourism services harness relations with numerous accommodation and transportation facilities all over the country, and further, through partnerships with medical organizations and governing bodies can provide not only sightseeing arrangements for travelers, but also international exchange such as corporate visits, medical examinations, and school visits. The travel in Japan offered by Ryobi Tours gives joy and inspiration to customers. It continues always to respond in detail to customers’ requests and needs, delivering high quality tours and service through its more than 40 years of experience as a travel business.
Overseas Travel (Outbound/Inbound)
Ryobi Tours is the independent overseas travel division of Ryobi Group with over 40 years of experience and success in taking travelers around the world. Its present core operations range from processing international flight tickets to developing overseas travel packages departing from Okayama Airport, utilizing the group’s wide network to deliver skyward travel for many customers.
Recently, not only offering overseas travel for Japanese customers, Ryobi Tours has also been devoting its efforts to travelers coming to Japan from all over the world. With support from local travel companies, particularly in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Ryobi employs specialist native-language staff to help in crafting fun travel experiences in Japan for overseas visitors, including sightseeing for regular tourists, plus international exchange events, corporate visits and more.
Domestic Travel
The Ryobi Tourism Group offers a one-stop service handling customers’ needs from arranging a single ticket to a fully packed international itinerary.
Ryobi Tourism Group’s network features both integrated “hardware”—coach and bus businesses based in Okayama, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, and taxi businesses in Okayama, Hiroshima and Tokyo, and passenger ship businesses in the Seto Inland Sea, Kobe Bay and Tokyo Bay, and railway businesses in Okayama and Wakayama—along with abundant service wisdom backed up by a long history, and the ability to suggest new types of travel based on insights into the latest trends, all of which supports customers’ travel and results in high satisfaction.
Above all, for domestic travel Ryobi Group’s original and exhaustive safety training for its roughly 2,400 vehicles (including buses, coaches, taxies, trains and ships) and around 2,900 crew creates customer peace of mind and delivers fun travel experiences.
Transport Accommodation
Charter Vehicles
As per customer numbers, small and large taxis, minibuses, and medium or large buses can be arranged for transport around the country. A full line-up and high-quality crew provide the safest and most assured time possible in Japan.

Nationwide Transport Facilities
Other than regular charter vehicles, regional transport on Japan Rail trains, cruise boats, tour boats and domestic airline flights can all be arranged, including on the Shinkansen bullet trains, the famous SL Hitoyoshi steam locomotive in Kyushu, and the Tokotoko Train on the Nishikigawa Seiryu Line in Yamaguchi.
Accommodation at hotels, hot spring ryokan and minshuku Japanese inns can be arranged all over Japan. A variety of accommodation is on offer according to customer budgets and requests.
From small groups to large tours, a variety of dining can be arranged nationwide according to customer budgets and requests.
Sightseeing Facilities Tour Schedule
Unique regional experiences at sightseeing facilities and tourist attractions can be arranged all over the country, including entry to frequently fully booked venues such as the Ghibli Museum or the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum. Customized tours can be provided according to customer requests. Not only regular sightseeing destinations, we are also able to offer tours featuring special visits to corporate facilities, schools, as well as medical examinations. We always respond meticulously to customers’ requests and needs, delivering high quality service with added value. In order to be able to give our customers satisfaction and inspiration, and handle arrangements and planning speedily and promptly, we welcome customers with a spirit of “Chu-u-Jyo” Wholehearted consideration.
Guides and interpretation can be arranged in 43 languages all over Japan, including English, Chinese, Korean, French, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, and more.